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VW Transaxle Parts List Info

We have made every effort to provide accurate information in this website.  One of the biggest challenges to transaxle rebuilding, is not simply doing the work, but getting the correct replacement parts to do the work.  Volkswagen does not put part numbers on many of the individual parts, and has made a number of model changes along the way.  This site is intended for use as a starting point in determining the correct parts.  We highly recommend that you not rely solely on the information posted here, but do your own research. The Bentley Manuals are an excellent source of information.  We will help you in choosing the correct transaxle parts (see "VW Transmission Diagrams"), but it is the responsibility of the end user to determine the appropriateness of using any particular part.

The parts list is broken down into several main categories and then organized by VW part number within each section.  As you may know, VW has an odd way of organizing part numbers.  The middle three numbers (ie. 311 or 517) are considered the first number, then the last three numbers, then the first three and then the letter.   Don't ask why.  That's just how it is.  You'll get the hang of it after you look at the numbers for a while.   Getting around in our parts list is simplified by having some main categories of stuff to look in.  You will find links all over the place to help get you get around.  Have fun! 

How to find what you need in the parts list:

AUTOMATIC   003, 004, 010.  Most of the parts we carry for semi-automatics (auto stick) are also in this category.  

BEARINGS: all kinds, except throw-out bearings which you will find in various.

DO-DAD's: snap rings, springs, circlips, detent plugs...you know do-dad's.

: gears, shift forks, ring & pinions, side gears, spyder gears (except some high performance  ring & pinions and close ratio gears that are in the specialty parts and tools section).

: O-rings, gaskets, seals, gasket kits, freeze plugs etc.

SPECIALTY PARTS & TOOLS: manuals, tools, shim packages, high performance parts such as super diff's, close ratio gears and ring & pinions. (Also see High Performance Page for additional info).

VARIOUS PARTS  everything else such as crosshaft parts, bushings, fulcrum plates, mounts, axle boots, pilot shafts, CV joints, etc. 

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