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One of the most common problems with VW transaxles is their tendency to jump out of gear for no apparent reason.  Despite the best efforts of conscientious rebuilders to properly adjust shift forks,  tighten detent springs, even remove the "fat" drive teeth (bad idea) these gearboxes can still jump out of gear.  This is expensive and aggravating for both the customer and the rebuilder.  The reason for the failure of these linkage related attempts to fix the problem is simple:  The fork doesn't hold the slider in gearThe slider and gear stay engaged as long as there is correct tooth geometry.  Back in the 70ís, believing the slider to be the main cause of the problem, we developed a machine to recut the flanks (sides) of the sliderís engagement teeth.  Extensive tests proved our unique machining process solves the jumping out of gear problem.

What we found was, unlike gears with their greater mass, the majority of sliders are out of round (most likely occurring during factory heat treating).  While rounded corners and unfavorable tooth angles are often apparent, small discrepancies in tooth spacing on the sliders generally cannot be seen.  This out-of-roundness and subsequent uneven tooth spacing causes some teeth to carry a greater burden of the load than others.  Many gears have only 3 sets of 3 "fat" drive teeth 120 degrees apart, (the remaining 21 "skinny" teeth carrying no load).  It is critical that the engagement teeth on the slider be able to contact all 'fat' drive teeth on the gear evenly.  Otherwise the uneven or asymmetric loading of the slider, will cause the transaxle to jump out of gear.  Click here for more discussion on undercut tooth geometry.

Our automated tooling insures precise tooth spacing and improved tooth geometry as the undercut produced is slightly steeper.  In addition, since the process removes very little material, excessive backlash is not a factor.  Naturally, sliders that were never factory undercut will benefit greatly as well.  The bottom line is that our remachined sliders are capable of uniform engagement and are able to stay in gear even in high horsepower, high load environments. Long Enterprises has been providing this specialized machining service to VW transaxle rebuilders for the past 35 years. 



   Prevent jumping out of gear with remachined sliders...

  Only from Long Enterprises


We remachine both new and used sliders and sell them outright (no core).  Prices vary accordingly, so please call for quotes on these.  If you would like your sliders remachined (please see prices below), this is what we need: 

Sliders must be clean and oil free, especially in the splined area which is where we index from.  Glass beading is not necessary, but preferred. Check your shift fork clearance and reverse teeth.  Also check the condition of the engagement teeth on your gears!  If you need replacement drive hubs please see prices below.

Please include a note with the following information: How many 1-2 and 3-4 sliders you are shipping.  Tell us if you want standard cut, (street use), or pro cut (performance/off road), or any additional cut as needed.  Also tell us the method of payment: Visa, M/C or COD (money order, cert. check only).  

We return ship UPS Ground unless you specify faster.

Ship to:              Long Enterprises
                    2475 Morse Road
                 Sebastopol, CA 95472

1-2 Sliders, standard cut 
Coast flanks of 1st & 2nd
3-4 Sliders, standard cut 
Drive flanks of 4th
Pro cut, performance/off road
Cut all sides
Additional cut 
Per side as needed
Drive hub, w/ 3X3 good "fat" drive teeth (xlnt. used) $50.00
Drive hub, w/ 3X5 good "fat" drive teeth (xlnt. used) $75.00










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