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Revised March, 2015                               

Tech Tip #1 Improve your 1st/2nd Shift Fork Adjustment
Tech Tip #2  Synchros: 110° vs 120° Ramp Angles
Tech Tip #3  Gear Ratio Formula
Tech Tip #4 Synchros: Early or Late?
Tech Tip #5 Upgrade your leaky shift housing (nose cone)
Tech Tip #6 Drive hubs
Tech Tip #7 Do you have a 25 mm or a 28 mm mainshaft?
Note:  Unfortunately, due to the volume of e-mail we receive, we cannot accept any technical questions via e-mail.  All technical questions must be handled by phone.  Long Enterprises would like to continue offering free phone tech support for our customers as long as possible.  Please help us in this effort by not abusing this service!

Check back frequently as we revise and add to this list.  If there is a particular topic that you would like to see addressed, e-mail us at shifthappens@longenterprises.com

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