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Limited Slip Differentials for Vanagons & Syncros

Proudly made in the USA of the finest materials.   This diff uses a planetary gear design with no clutch pack to wear out.  It will fit 094 front or rear differentials that have the stock locking  type open diff allowing you to retain your locking diff capability.  If you currently own a "non locker," you can still install one of these excellent limited slip diff's and avoid a costly locker retrofit.  This unit is extremely smooth with no drivability issues on or off road.  If you want to really 'hook-up' get the ultimate in LSD technology!  Comes complete with  bearings. 

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Vanagon Syncro Decoupler

If you are looking for increased performance and reliability from your Syncro, install your own decoupler and engage power "on the fly" choosing either 4X4 or 2 wheel power transfer.  In addition, you will now be able to utilize our Billet Shaft viscous coupling replacement (see below).  If you wish to keep your VC, our decoupler provides added protection by preventing VC damage (churning) when driving on twisty roads or the freeway in the heat for prolonged periods.  It comes pre-assembled and installs (without any special tools) in about 4 hours.  Don't compromise reliability by settling for cheap imitations!  Insist on this premium quality decoupler from Long Enterprises.  Please call for prices.
CNC precision milled parts
Precision ball bearing construction
Corrosion resistant stainless steel actuating shaft for smooth dependable operation
Hard coating on critical parts for corrosion resistance and long life
Spring loaded indexing of shaft to hold unit in chosen mode
All new bearings, seals, and control parts
Proven VW controls integrate perfectly with the Synchro panel
Factory look with all working parts internal in transaxle
Warranty: 2 Year, unlimited mileage

 Syncro Billet Shaft Viscous Coupling Replacement

If you drive on snowy or slick roads, or go off road a lot, consider installing our Billet Shaft viscous coupling replacement.   If your viscous coupling is going bad, it is a good time to choose the Billet Shaft option (much less expensive).  The decoupler / billet shaft combination represents the ultimate in power delivery and flexibility for your Vanagon Syncro.  Please call for prices.
CNC machined from premium billet steel to match critical viscous coupler dimensions  
Precision splined and hardened  
Black oxide coated to resist corrosion

 Vanagon Syncro Servo Sleeve & Shaft Upgrade Kit

Vanagon Synchro owners with locking differentials (lockers) will be the first to tell you how great they are.  When you think you are about to get stuck, there is nothing like the ability to lock your rear wheels, and sail right past the problem.  You glance over at your passenger and smile as if to say, "watch this..."  With the confidence of an airline pilot putting his landing gear down, you engage the "locker."  You're thinking to yourself, "this thing kicks ass!"  That is until your locker servo shaft and sleeve have become so corroded the shaft gets stuck.  Of course naturally the next thing to get stuck is you.  There is no use having a locker transaxle if it isn't reliable.   Make corrosion related failures a thing of the past when you install this precision crafted Servo Sleeve & Shaft Upgrade Kit.  Happy trails!
Hard anodized aluminum sleeve for maximum corrosion resistance 
High grade stainless steel shaft 
Available in either short (106 mm), or long (121 mm) length

Vanagon High Performance Close Ratio Gears

These gears are manufactured to the highest standards. They are made from fine grain vacuum melt steel, heat treated, put through a cryogenic process, and then shot peened.  Consider changing gear ratios for less RPM and better gas mileage.  If you want to improve your hill climbing ability we have what your looking for.  For a complete listing of all our close ratio gears and performance items, click on: 

See our High performance Parts page!

Mainshaft 1st & 2nd Gears 091 & Vanagon, air cooled (1976-1983)

Please go to 'High Performance Parts' link above for all available 1st / 2nd ratios

3rd Gears  091 &  Vanagon, air cooled (1976-1983), w/drive hub

(Some ratios may require 32 x 40 mm bearing)

1.09  1.14  1.18  1.22  1.26  1.30  1.35  1.39  1.44  1.47 

1.50  1.53  1.56  1.58  1.60  1.63 1.67 1.68  1.71  1.75  1.78  1.84

4th Gears  091 & Vanagon, air cooled (1976-1983), w/drive hub

(Some ratios may require 32 x 40 mm bearing)

.70  .73  .77  .82  .89  .93  1.00  1.04  1.09  1.14 1.18

1.22  1.26  1.30  1.35  1.39  1.44  1.47  1.50  1.53  1.56  1.60

 Mainshaft 1st & 2nd Gears Vanagon, water cooled

   2.90 x 1.86   2.90 x 1.93   3.11 x 1.93   3.11 x 2.08

   3.11 x 2.17   3.44 x 2.08   3.44 x 2.17   3.44 x 2.25   3.44 x 2.36

   3.75 x 2.25   3.75 x 2.36  

3rd Gears Vanagon, water cooled, (4th gear Syncro), w/drive hub
(Stock VW dimensions, no modifications required for installation)

 1.09  1.14   1.18   1.22  1.26   1.30  1.35  1.39  1.44  1.47  1.50  1.53  1.58  1.63  1.68  1.75

4th Gears Vanagon, water cooled, (5th Gear Syncro), w/drive hub
(Stock VW dimensions, no modifications required for installation)

         .70  .73  .75  .77  .82   .89  .93  1.00  1.04  1.09  1.14          

1.18  1.22  1.26  1.30  1.35  1.39  1.47  1.53


* Please call for current pricing *

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